Monthly Archives: November 2007


Some news


I hope to have more time to write more often. I think the people with time to write a blogger doesn’t have time to write code. Definitely is my case I like to write code by obvious reasons. Forgive me bloggers. 😉

However, I promise to give more time to some projects:

  • SIPE Project, recalled by me some SipLcs. I will retake pending request and other things. I still need to connect to this fu’ server.
  • Idesk Project. I hope to finish myu 0.7.6 version with many features like menu on right click, desktop standard policies, to work with transparencies WM like compiz, etc.
  • To be DD. Yes, after two years. My Debian aplication procees is almost finish. Was hard overall my english is limited.
  • Centerim 5. Yes, I hope to help with the new implementation for centerim working with libpurple. I’m the Debian Mantainer for this package and I love this console messenger.
  • To be MOTU. Yes, the Ubuntu project is close to me. May be in the next year.

Please, my two readers, be patiens.